top christmas gift picks | for baby & mama.

top christmas gift picks | for baby & mama.

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Have a new mum, mama-to-be, or new babe in your life who you want to spoil this holiday season? We have you set with the best gift packs when it comes to Christmas gifting for mamas and babies. Take a look at the ultimate baby Christmas gift guide and the best ways to pamper your fave mama or celebrate the bump this Christmas.  

Newborn Christmas gift recommendations


For the little one who is celebrating their first Christmas, hitting new milestones, or you just want to spoil (because who wouldn’t?) this festive season. We’ve got the cutest gift sets for baby’s first Christmas, creative play, sleepytime, bathtime, and meal time, as well as ideas for baby-friendly stocking stuffers, and more. 


What to buy a newborn for Christmas

Play Time Gift Set

The perfect combo to foster playfulness and entertainment for any little one. Great for interactive tummy time with young ones as well as creative play when they get a bit older. 


  • Warren Hill Play Mat (in your choice of Natural, Oat, Olive, Rust, Aqua or Chestnut)
  • Olli Ella Holdie Folk Animals 3pk (choose from Savannah, Safari, Ocean or Marine animals)

Cozy Things Gift Set

The ideal set to cuddle up and get ready for bedtime. A snuggly Cozy Dinkum toy for your favourite newborn to snuggle up with before bed, and a lush fitted bassinet or cot sheet (your choice) for when it’s time to lay down and go to sleep.  


  • Warren Hill french linen fitted bassinet or cot sheet (in Natural, Beige Gingham, Grey Stripe, Olive, Dusty Pink or Aqua).
  • Olli Ella Cozy Dinkum (choose from Teddy Mini, Mousy Pickle, Lion Pip, Lamby Pip, or Bunny Moppet)


Baby Christmas gifts besides toys

Starting Solids Gift Set

When it’s time to explore the world of taste and texture this gift pack will be a sure winner for meal times. Complete with everything a little one needs to start their journey into solid foods with a dinner set, placemat and bib for those inevitable explorative messes, and a finger toothbrush to introduce them to brushing their teeth after eating. 


  • Rommer bib (all Rommer sets are available in Oyster, Nude, Melon, Cloud and Cinnamon)
  • Rommer dinner set
  • Rommer wiggly placemat
  • Haakaa silicone finger toothbrush (your choice of Blush, Pea Green, or Cream)
Bath Time Gift Set

If you’re looking to introduce baby to their first spa day, then the luxury of a gorgeous bath set is both a pampering and practical gift. This set comes complete with a lovely almond milk and coconut milk wash and body lotion, bath toys for water play, and a soft hooded towel to cuddle up in afterwards.  


  • Kiin hooded baby towel (your choice of Oat or Sage)
  • Lion & Lamb wheat straw boat set 
  • The Commonfolk Collective Baby Bath Set (Nude or Sage bottles for your bathroom aesthetic)

Baby’s first holiday gift suggestions

Baby’s First Christmas Gift Set

For the perfect gift for a new member of the family, or bub of a loved one, then you can’t go wrong with this heartwarming set. With a toy, romper, brush set, and baby journal, it’s the perfect gift for capturing and cherishing all those first memories being made this Christmas. 


  • Emma Kate Co little dreamer baby journal (in White, Pink, Rust, or Aqua) 
  • Illoura The Label footed romper (available in sizes 0000, 000, 00 and 0) 
  • Lion & Lamb brush set 
  • Olli Ella rattan raya rattle


Stocking stuffers for babies at Christmas

Looking for an extra something to add to a stocking this year, or to pad out another gift? We’ve got you covered with little goodies for solid food journeys and independent or interactive play. 


What to get a new mum for Christmas

Your favourite new mama has just done, or is about to do, something amazing. Bringing your new bestie into the world! To celebrate the amazing process that is motherhood, check out our best holiday gifts for new mothers.


Warm and cosy pregnancy essentials for Christmas


For The Expecting Mama Gift Set

No matter how far along she might be, every mama needs a bit of pampering now and then. Give her the gift of self-care this season with a thoughtful set of pampering cream, hydrating drinks, pregnancy positivity, and stories and wisdom from doctors, midwives, and women who have done it all before. 


  • Mère stretch mark cream
  • Mère organic pregnancy tea 
  • Seasons of Mama Hyperemesis pregnancy & birth affirmation cards
  • Complete Australian Guide to Pregnancy & Birth by Josi Wilson and Sophie Walker 
  • Hydramama (available in Blackcurrant, Orange and Passionfruit, and Watermelon and Lime) 

For The HG Mama Gift Set

Ease the journey of your favourite mama with Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG) over the Christmas period with power, positivity, and some thoughtful HG essentials for her pregnancy. Plus, a portion from every HG Mama Gift Set sold will be donated to Hyperemesis Australia. 


  • Seasons of Mama Hyperemesis pregnancy affirmation cards
  • Hydramama (available in Blackcurrant, Orange and Passionfruit, and Watermelon and Lime) 
  • Haakaa silicone finger toothbrush (in Blush, Pea Green, or Cream)


Christmas gifts for the mum-to-be and baby-to-come


Things For Birth Gift Set

Empower the expecting mama in your life with these biglittlethings to help her take control of her birth journey and labour. From empowering reading materials to practical massage oil and products to aid with labour, you can help her enter her birthing space in the way that she wants. 


  • Mère perineal massage oil
  • Mère labour aid
  • Mère clary sage roller
  • Seasons of Mama birth comb
  • The Birth Space by Gabrielle Nancarrow
  • Seasons of Mama birth affirmation cards


Things For Postpartum Gift Set

Every new mum and mum-to-be needs support, and this postpartum Christmas gift set is ideal to aid with those aches and pains following birth. With practical gifts to ease inflammation and discomfort, as well as those to encourage relaxation and taking time to repair. 


  • Life After Birth by Jessica Prescott & Vaughne Geary
  • Mère postpartum bath salts
  • Bare Mum perineal wash bottle
  • Bare Mum warm & cool insert


Things For Breastfeeding

Help support your mama in a successful feeding journey with this exclusive bundle to aid with healthy lactation and gentle massage. This Mini Ritual Duo set from Mammae includes:

  • Bosom ritual elixir
  • Ode form botanical mist  


Feeding Essentials Gift Set

For the mamas who choose to breastfeed, this gift set of essentials will assist them in their feeding journey. Including a quality breast pump to make the expressing journey more efficient, a bosom balm to nourish mama herself, and breastfeeding chocolate to help support a little bit of self-care. 


  • Haakaa silicone breast bump & silicone cap | Gen 1
  • Mammae bosom ritual balm
  • Bare Self breastfeeding chocolate


Pampering gifts for pregnant mums at Christmas


When you’re onto a good thing, there’s no need to change it. So here are our favourite branded gift sets, curated by some gorgeous brands for the mamas in your life.


Mama Goodness Gift Set

To nourish and support every mama. 


  • Milky magic almond cacao cookies (gluten-free or regular)
  • Goji goodness granola
  • Milky magic tea bags
  • Zen drops


Seasons of Mama Gift Set

For peaceful moments of self-care. 


  • Your choice of bath soak (Soak Mama bath blend, Soul Mama bath soak, or Soothe Mama postpartum soak)
  • Mama mantra cards
  • Essential oil duo set


Mammae Trio Gift Set

For breast care and pampering throughout pregnancy and feeding journeys. 


  • Bosom ritual balm
  • Bosom ritual elixir
  • Ode form botanical mist


Mammae Tea & Affirmations Set

For those moments of calm and positivity. 


  • Ritual infusion nursing tea
  • Bosom reflections (affirmation cards)
  • Plus a free Ritualware tea infuser


Being Skincare Mama & Babe Complete Set

To support oneself through pregnancy and postpartum. 


  • Boobie & bootie balm duo set
  • Belly oil


Christmas stocking stuffers for new mums


For practical, empowering, or indulgent Christmas stocking stuffers for new mums or mamas-to-be, these individual gifts are perfect to add a bit of extra thoughtfulness to Christmas day. 

Non-baby gifts for new parents (and everyone else!)

Looking for a curated Christmas gift pack for another loved one? We’ve got you covered for the holiday season, and beyond! At biglittlegifting, we know you’ll find the perfect gift for anyone for any occasion.

So, whether it’s to celebrate Christmas, for a new homeengagement, a birthday, or just because, take a look at our gift sets for any occasion now, or curate your own gift pack today.

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