hey mama | meet alana.

hey mama | meet alana.

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Let’s introduce you to Alana, a beautiful Indigenous mama of three who we were lucky enough to have on the biglittlethings and biglittlegifting photoshoot for our Mother’s Day campaign (along with her gorgeous baby son Jedda).

We sat down with Alana and chatted all things motherhood, culture and raising her son in Australia. There is so much goodness in this conversation and we are so excited to share it with you. 

We loved having you and your little boy join us for the recent photoshoot. Can you tell us more about yourself and who is in your beautiful family?

My name is Alana, I am a very proud Aboriginal & South Sea woman! My partner is Greg and we have three beautiful children that we raise together; Talei (14), Dre (8) & Jedda (8 months).

Can you share more about your experience of motherhood so far? Is there anything that has surprised you on your journey?

Motherhood so far with Jedda has been something else! Obviously there is an age gap between Jedda and our older two children, so it’s like we’ve become first time parents again. 

“Breastfeeding Jedda has really opened up my eyes. I didn't breastfeed with Dre (my second child). It’s exhausting, yet so precious and beautiful” 

We would love to know more about your culture and how your connection to your mob, family and culture have influenced your life and in particular, your approach to mothering?

We didn’t grow up within a society where we could freely talk about culture and be proud. Our culture was never really spoken about in school and deep down it felt like we couldn’t embrace it, because nobody asked questions about it. It wasn’t until I hit high school where it was loud and proud - everyone wanted more! 

“Raising three Indigenous kids today, we make sure they know who their mob is, where we come from and how proud we are to be who we are”


What would you go back and tell your pregnant self if you had the opportunity to?

Don’t rush! Healing takes time and we will get there soon enough (for all you c-section mamas!). 

Can you share what you’re looking forward to as Jedda grows and learns more about the world? I’m so excited to see where we end up with this boy! He is so happy, loving and very adventurous. I hope he learns more about our land and embraces our culture.

And lastly, a very important question, what are your top 3 favourite biglittlethings?

Rattan Rattle (Jedda's go-to toy)

Postpartum Bralette

Everywhere oil


you can follow Alana on instagram @__lalaandco__ or @jedda_darnnis
all photos are owned by biglittlethings studio pty ltd.
shot on location at the talle valley house.
photography by Alicia Kapel.
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