breast pads.

A woman breastfeeds her baby on a bed.
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  • A pair of Ultra Absorbent Breast Pads by Bare Mum for postpartum mothers.
    Bare Mum.
  • A stack of postpartum breast pads for nursing in Mammae bosom wearables showcased on a white surface.
  • Bare Mum Breast Breast Warm & Cool Insert, perfect for breastfeeding mothers.
    Bare Mum.
  • Two Mammae silver nipple care bundles in sealed white packaging, arranged overlapping each other on a light beige background.
    From £54.00
  • Two stainless steel finger guard kitchen tools with "Mammae" printed on the surface, displayed on a natural solution background.
    From £48.00
  • A plain white circular Mammae Bosom Ritual Disc with a smaller circle in the center on a light gray background.