Several new mums and mums-to-be sit in a crisp lounge room area with their babies. They are all wearing white and using different items for breastfeeding, sleeping, wearing, and comforting baby.

how to curate the perfect online baby gift registry.

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We know there’s nothing quite like the gift of preparing to welcome your little one into the world. But when it comes to that little one, trust us when we say that you’ll also be preparing to find space for a lot of biglittlethings that are about to make their way into your home.

Whether this is your first baby, second, or fourth, the chances are that you’re probably planning to buy, duplicate, or update some of the baby essentials you’re going to need when they arrive.

If your village of family and friends has been asking what they can buy mum or baby, and you’re finding all the separate messages and details a little too difficult to keep up with (or you just don’t want to end up with a million things you don’t want or need), then a baby gift registry is the perfect solution to save you time, mental stress, and the anxiety of ending up with too many of the same gift.

How does a baby gift registry work?

You can register for baby gifts online whether you’re having a baby shower or simply want to send a link to your family and friends to let them know what is on your essentials or nice-to-have list. With the world going digital, an online gift registry is an easy solution to have all your items in the same place, while being able to share them easily and accessibly.

You get to browse online as if you were to ‘add to cart’, and those near or far can ensure they get you something that you really want.

Here at biglittlethings we have our own online baby gift registry that you can set up and curate with your favourite items for yourself, babe, and around the home. And it’s as simple as setting up your account, adding the items you love, and sharing it with your family and friends.

A breastfeeding support pillow and baby support cushion sit on the floor as potential items to purchase for a baby gift registry.

How to make an online baby gift registry with biglittlethings:

  • Sign up to create your biglittlethings gift registry
  • Start adding the products you love from our virtual shelves
  • Share your baby gift registry with family, friends, colleagues, or anyone who asks what you need or want (we’ll even give you a special discount for your village to use)
  • Free express shipping on all gift registry purchases
  • Plus, all gifts are wrapped in our gift boxes and come with a free thank you card, for that extra personal touch
  • You can choose to have your items delivered as they are purchased from your registry so you get them ASAP – or if you’d prefer for us to send them all together just reach out at

That’s it! Super easy for mum, dad, and everyone involved in getting your baby the best of what you want. Plus, if you didn’t quite get everything you needed off your list by the time your chosen ‘date to purchase’ comes around, we’ll send you a discount to use on those remaining items to tick off your list (Ts & Cs apply here).

Fun fact: We also offer free express shipping Australia-wide for your online baby gift shopping needs. 

A breastfeeding support pillow and baby support cushion sit on the floor as potential items to purchase for a baby gift registry.

What should I put on my baby registry?

It might be easy enough to know that you want to set up a baby gift registry to share with your village, but when it comes to what you do or don’t need, what should you actually put on it?

We like to recommend splitting up your baby registry ideas into a few categories; products that can be investment pieces as well as practical items that could help yourself or baby.

Investment pieces such as car seats, prams, cots, rockers, bassinets, or loungers are great bigger-picture items to add to your list. It’s good to add a few of these, not only to help save you money from buying them in the long run, but also to curate for those who want to purchase something a bit larger (like potential grandparents) or families and groups who want to go in together to get you something more meaningful (such as groups of colleagues or a family unit).

Baby gift registry essentials also include practical items for babe. Not only will adding a few of these mean that you get what you need (especially for items that it’s always useful to have multiple for), but it also means that you can curate the brands you love for these as well. Items such as reusable nappies, good-quality swaddles, feeding pillows, breastfeeding or bottle-feeding items, and even those essentials like nappy rash cream are great to include.

Finally, don’t forget yourself mum! Your baby gift registry doesn’t just have to be for baby;  postpartum recovery items such as postpartum briefs, postpartum pads, or bath salts and oils are just as important to make sure you’re as relaxed and comfortable as you can be after birth.

A modern, wooden baby bassinet with a bassinet mattress inside.

Baby registry gift ideas

You can set up your registry of baby gifts at any time, but we find that somewhere during the second trimester is usually a good timeframe. This means you’ll likely receive what you need before the third trimester (when you’re getting a lot closer to needing it!).

Or, if you are having a baby shower, try to have your registry completed by four-to-six weeks beforehand regardless of which trimester it’s in, so you can let people know what you’re after in advance.

Here are a few of our favourite items to add to your baby gift registry list:

Investment Pieces

Reusable breast milk pouches and baby bottles sit on a bench. They are essential items for baby and could be added to an online baby gift registry.

Essentials for baby

Essentials for mum


You can take a closer look at our curated list of items for babe or mama, or set up your own biglittlethings online gift registry here.

A modern, wooden baby rocker sits on the ground. It’s a great gift for baby play and baby stimulation.

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