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welcome to, hopefully, your new favourite place to spend time (online) wandering through our pages, finding beautiful pieces for you & your babe.

I wanted to create a space online that I wanted to find when I was pregnant.
I want biglittlethings to be the store you send those family members or friends that want to know what to get you for your baby shower or as a welcome gift to the new arrival(s). 

my name is yanika & I'm the owner of this very online store you are on. I'm also a mama to a 14 month old girl named Alia & an 8 year old sausage dog named Kingston with my partner; Josh. 
I'm also a woman who loves beautiful things around me & fiercely passionate about other women who are pregnant, or in the throws of postpartum or who are currently suffering from HG. I'm with you.

biglittlethings started whilst lying on our couch whilst pregnant with our daughter. I was suffering from Hyperemesis Gravidarum for the duration of the pregnancy & was barely able to leave the house so most of the “nesting” stage was done in between vomiting whilst scrolling through all the baby stores websites.

And I was overwhelmed. I searched & researched everything we needed for the new babe. But actually needed (!) but there was always a million options & it was all too much.

So I thought why can’t there be a beautiful online experience for the expecting parents? Where quality & beautiful long lasting products are curated & then turned into beautiful gifts.

so, biglittlethings was my answer.

We make sure you feel at ease knowing the research has been done for you, everything is eco friendly & the products you purchase are from a collection of brands that we know & love both locally & internationally sourced.

Making sure you get the essentials you need & want. (No plastic crap!)
Enjoy this journey without needing to battle through the big department stores or 1000 versions of the same thing website.

I hope this journal becomes a source of inspiration, information & a reminder to give yourself time as well.

I can't wait to see where this goes from here.

love & light 


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