hey mama | kristen.

hey mama | kristen.

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hey mama, in the lead up to mother’s day we wanted to highlight some of our favourite mama’s out there to help us feel a little more connected, supported, heard & seen during this time.

each day we will be sharing with you an interview we did with one of these beautiful women & we can't wait to introduce you to them. 
for day seven we spoke to Kristen...

biglittlethings | So lovely Kristen, tell us a bit about yourself & who you’re a mama to.

Kristen | Thank you for having me! where do I start? well, Im Kristen. wife to the love of my life, Tama and Mama to 5 beautiful children. I am a content creator and blogger over at House of Eramiha. Living our best life in Perth WA. 

B | tell us either about your journey to motherhood OR through motherhood currently.

K |  I found out I was pregnant with my first child at 17 so my journey to Motherhood was quite quick and a little bit of a shock to say the least. My second child came when I was 19 and then I just couldn't stop! I am obsessed with being a Mum! although it does not define me, it is such a beautiful gift and I am just relishing in all things motherhood right now.


B | You’re a super mama with 5 kids, firstly how do you do it?? How was transitioning from 2-3-4-5? Any tips or tricks?

K |  I think every family is different as is every baby. Try and block out the horror stories or strong opinions of others and just go with your gut! Believe in the mother you are and stand behind every decision you make.

B | How are you handling the whole isolation situation with all your kids? How are you??

K |  Oh gosh. It has seriously had its incredibly beautiful and memorable moments and then the hair pulling “ I can't do this any more “ moments but its worth it! for us it is not only about fattening the curve but also about protecting our precious son Lachlan who is extremely high risk. I am going ok, fighting through the exhaustion to make this time as easy on the kiddies as I can.  

B | If you could go back in time; what you tell your first time pregnant self? 

K | Stop worrying about what people think of you. Ignore the stares and remember that you are bringing a beautiful baby into this world and you will be the best Mum to him/her. Please don't be afraid, YOU CAN DO THIS!

B | what are some biglittle moments of being a mama?

K | My very favorite moments have to be - Early morning when they walk in rubbing their eyes and say “Morning Mama” then they jump into bed and I get to hold them tight.  

B | what/who inspires you as a mama?

K | This may sound cheesy but it has to be my Mum. She has been through more than anyone I have ever meet and has always conquered everything life threw at us with strength and grace. 

B | lastly, a very important question - what’s your Top 3 favourite products from biglittlethings?

K | I can only choose three??? 
I am seriously crushing over The Lullaby club lounge wear for Mums and Bubs.
The beautiful Levo Rocker makes my ovaries hurt and I use the Mama Oils everyday! 

you can follow Kristen on instagram @houseoferamiha

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