hey mama | loren.

hey mama | loren.

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hey mama, in the lead up to mother’s day we wanted to highlight some of our favourite mama’s out there to help us feel a little more connected, supported, heard & seen during this time.

each day we will be sharing with you an interview we did with one of these beautiful women & we can't wait to introduce you to them. 

for day four we sat down with Loren Scott who you might recognise as the face of our "hey mama" collection...
biglittlethings. | So beautiful Loren, tell us a bit about yourself & who you’re a mama to.
Loren | So about me, I’m 27, from the Sunshine Coast. I’m a hairdresser, whilst being a mumma to Isla, Kenzie and little Lenny.
My partner dan works away in Gladstone as a fireman.
Kenzie is Dan's, not so little anymore, babe.  We share custody of her 50/50. So, one week we are pretty jam packed and full on.
The next week it’s just me and my two. There's not much to learn about me. You’ll find me walking at the beach, reading a book, climbing mount Coolum or doing Pilates in the lounge room. 

B | tell us either about your journey to motherhood OR through motherhood currently.
L| How long do I have..... In short, my journey to and through motherhood has been such a roller coaster of emotions. I had Isla when I was 20. Went through a separation. Lost myself and found my self over and over again.
I couldn’t be more proud and happy of myself for where I am today. Isla has been my Little Rock and I am so thankful she came into my life when she did.
I wouldn’t of had it any other way. And then came Lennox.
Actually, first came Mackenzie when I met Dan 3 years ago. Being a step mum is hard. But it is amazing to love another little human you didn’t create as your own. And then came Lennox. He really tied the knot together that made our little family one unit. He’s the light of our lives.
And i knew I said I was done now.....but can I just have one more ?
B | how did you go introducing him to his sisters? How have they adapted to being big sisters?
L | They love being big sisters. They are like little mums. Lennox’s face lights up when they are around. They all love each other to bits! Isla said to me the other day she wishes he was 1 so he’d stop crying in the car.... hahaha god does she have a lot to learn. 
B | what are some things all mamas should know going into birth?
L | I have no advice ! Hats off to all of us who do it!! It’s hard. But this is what our bodies were made to do. And the reward at the end is so amazing. I can’t even describe the feeling. You forget the pain straight away.
And I wanna do it over and over and over again.
B | what are some biglittle moments for you of being a mama?
L | the girls achievements through school makes me proud and happy. When they are kind and loving to everyone around them I know I have done a good job.
I’m so excited to see who Lennox becomes . What his personality is like. Isla is a wild child, hopefully Lennox is my sweet quiet boy. haha.
B | what/who inspires you as a mama?
L | Sometimes I browse Instagram and read self development/ parenting books and I sit back and really aspire to be the parent they describe. I wonder how they do it. Sometimes I’m cranky, the house is a mess, the girls are arguing. I go crazy. Poor a wine.
And then I remember everyone has their bad days. We aren’t always the perfect, gentle parent we would like to be. And that’s okay. I normally have a whinge to dan, who grounds me, supports me and encourages me. I think Dan inspires me. To be the mum I aspire to be. 

B | How are you going during the current isolation at the moment? Wrangling 6 year olds & a newborn - any tips or tricks?
L | SOS. Does that sum it up ?!?! No I guess we are going okay. The homeschooling gives me anxiety and I feel like I am not doing too great at it. I’ve had a look at the school online program and it’s a bit overwhelming. Especially because I have Isla and my step daughter Mackenzie. We do our version of home schooling.
Some maths and cooking and helping me with Lennox. We also started writing letters to the other kids in our street and putting them in the mail box. It’s so cute and the girls get so excited when they receive a letter back!
That mixed with our morning beach walks, and a surf lesson is enough and I think that’s okay. We are doing the best we can. Oh and wine. Lots of wine.
B | lastly, a very important question - what’s your Top 3 favourite products from biglittlethings?
L | Definitely my Zarpar Bebe carrier! I use it multiple times a day.

The Cle Collective mama and babe oils. I love the time with Lennox after the bath when I get to rub them on his little toes and he loves the tummy one, it tickles him and his little giggle makes my day.

Lastly which was a hard choice, because I own pretty much everything in stock!
The Susukoshi organic kimono body suit. It’s my absolute fav item of clothing Lennox has. It’s so soft and snuggly and it makes him look like a little Bebe not a big 5 month old (insert cry face here.)
you can follow Loren on instagram @lorenscott_

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