hey mama | meet alicia.

hey mama | meet alicia.

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We are so excited to introduce to you Alicia, who has been a part of the biglittlethings family for over three years as our photographer capturing all those stunning images you see and love.

Alicia is a mama to two daughters and a freelance content creator and stylist, based in Western Australia. What started as a hobby has become a bonafide business that allows Alicia to fill her creative cup, while still being present for her children. Her styling aesthetic is minimal with a neutral palette defining her work. Alicia has an eye for detail and clean lines, honing her skills capturing refined content for lifestyle, e-commerce and product brands throughout Australia.

This was a beautiful interview getting to know more about Alicia and her family and what’s ahead for this inspiring photographer in 2023. Sit down with a coffee and enjoy the conversation…

Tell us a little about you and who is in your gorgeous family?

Hello!! I’m Alicia and I have two beautiful little girls, Amara & Zara and a loving husband named Ben. 

We have fallen in love with your approach to photography, the style is so complementary to the biglittlethings and biglittlegifting brands. Can you tell us what led you into photography and how you defined your signature aesthetic?

Aww you’re so kind lovely! Honestly it all started as a hobby of mine. I love doing anything creative and this started off as a creative outlet for me until someone encouraged me to step out and start a business out of it - so I thought why not! When you’re styling and shooting a product, you want to make that the beauty and focal point elevating whatever you’re shooting in a beautiful and calm, pared back surrounding. Filled with gorgeous textures, I can’t go past a stunning neutral palette (oh and natural light filled with sun filtering shadows).

pregnant photographer taking self portrait with her growing belly.

“My style has always been more of a minimal approach. I really feel like less is more when it comes to styling”

What is the biggest thing you have learnt in your motherhood journey so far?

There are many things I’ve learnt along the way but I think for me just knowing that I’m doing the very best I can do. Yes I’m going to fail at things and I might not always do it right or I might constantly doubt myself in situations but I’m learning to not be so hard on myself and enjoy every moment of the girls precious lives, filled with joy and gratitude. 

pregnant photographer taking a self portrait with her belly out & excited about meeting her baby.

“Motherhood is so beautiful and such a blessing and I’m so thankful for my two sweethearts, but let’s be honest it’s the hardest job a parent will do”

 Can you describe what your perfect Mother’s Day would look like?

Can I sleep all day?! Haha… oh the perfect day would be something so slow and relaxing  like going for breakfast with my family, perhaps a date at the nail salon with Amara and just a few moments of stillness

We love to hear how inspiring mums in business navigate life and work, whether it be striving for balance or focusing on an integration between the two. How do you find the juggle of running a successful studio alongside being a mum?

This is something I’m learning as I go. I work from home the majority of the time so I’m always around the girls. Now that Amara is in full time school it makes things easier to plan, having a routine. Sometimes it’s hard as I can edit imagery off my phone, so it’s always accessible to me. To be honest, I edit most of my client work when the girls have gone to bed so I can focus.

photographer taking photos of model with a face mask and inspiration around for the photo shoot

“I have to remember to switch off too and be present with my family”

Can you share what’s next for you professionally? Are there any projects ahead this year that you can tell us about?

Oooo perhaps there may even be another sneaky little trip to see you again soon! I have such beautiful clients who have stunning products and businesses, I feel so blessed and honoured to shoot everyone's stunning collections. I’m also really enjoying meeting the faces behind the business and doing more branding sessions.

 And lastly, a very important question, what are your top 3 favourite biglittlethings?

Hardest question everrrr!! 

You have thoughtfully curated the perfect bundle of things any mama could ever need or desire! The whole store is simply divine! I am in love with everything. Having just had a baby, I must say the Levo rocker and Kumi bassinet have been amazing in the newborn/baby stages and they look beautiful in my home.

kumi bassinet from charlie crane paris sitting in bedroom waiting for a newborn baby to sleep in it.

you can view Alicia's portfolio & packages at aliciakapel.com
ou can view her incredible work on our instagram accounts; @biglittlethings.store & over at biglittlegifting.com

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