top 4 for postpartum.

top 4 for postpartum.

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hey mama,
you just did an incredible, amazing, raw, beautiful & life changing thing; you gave birth.

So from one mama to another here's a top four for your postpartum journey. A great couple of tips to send to family or friends because it takes a village.

"everyone wants to hold the baby, but who holds the mother?"

number one | comfort.

we wrap our babes up, make sure they are comfortable, cocooned & safe. 

biglittlehint: the mama needs this just as much. 

This means you need to be comfortable at all times.
it's the perfect excuse to live in your lounge wear. 

if you're breastfeeding then you need something that easy access for those late night/early morning feeds. investing in a comfortable maternity bra & comfy undies for those early days (whether you've given birth vaginally or by cesarean).

if you are visiting the new mama make sure she is comfy, does she need an extra pillow, cushion, blanket? She might not want to tell you this but she just wants to lie down & put her feet up - encourage her to do this.

number two | care.

Did we mention you just had a baby? You now have a little human(s) to take care of but please don't forget about yourself. You need to fill your cup up before filling others.

If you can - take a healing & relaxing bath, take 10mins for you to rub some body oil on those beautiful new stretch marks that have appeared (because you grew a human), put some boobie balm on those sore nipples, & rub some of the mama oil blend on your wrists & neck because mama you've got this.

if you're visiting take the baby & let this mama have a bath & some self care time to herself. Or while she's feeding draw her a bath, set her bathroom up so she doesn't have to do a thing when she's ready.

number three | nourish.

Postnatal depletion is a thing & it's becoming more common; a great gift you can give a new mama isn't flowers (as beautiful as they are) a new mama needs nourishment, she needs fuel because she's got to care, feed & nourish another little human(s) as well as herself. 

If you're reading this & you're pregnant talk to your village (family &/or friends) to organise a food train, better yet have a look at some of our favourite businesses who do all this for you.

Melbourne mamas - mama goodness

Sydney mamas - cocoon by naomi

Brisbane mamas - nurturing mummies

Adelaide/Byron Bay mamas - the golden month

live somewhere else? these amazing businesses also have products they can send to you if you're outside their home delivery areas.

And lastly don't forget; hydration! drink water. constantly. 
If you're a visitor make sure mama always has a fresh glass (or bottle) of water. 

number four | breathe.

And lastly just remember to breathe. those early days are tough, beautiful, but tough. You will be a bundle of emotions, hormones, & a lot of changes happening to your body because like we mentioned; you just birthed a baby! 

Remember it takes 9months to grow a baby so be kind to yourself. There's no expectations for you to "bounce back" you are incredible, strong & you deserve to take your time to breathe & embrace this new chapter & journey.

If you're lucky to have purchased our calmbirth affirmation cards (or you were amazing & gifted the mama-to-be) you can use them after birth as well! They are affirmation cards for you to remind yourself that you've got this.

*breathe in*

you're amazing, mama, don't forget it.

*breathe out*


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